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Сидоров Алексей, Руководитель отдела приема и размещения

Sidorov Aleksey, Manager of the Reception and Accommodation Department
Aleksey graduated from the Saint Petersburg Institute of Management and Law (Department of Tourism Management) and Hamburg School of Hotel and Catering Business in Germany. Aleksey has been working in the hospitality sphere for over 18 years. Aleksey started his career in the famous Grand Hotel “Europe”. Speaks English and German. Loves his family, computer and sport.

“I think that for each our guest the hotel is a second house”

Коровин Алексей, Главный инженер

Korovin Aleksey, Chief Engineer
Aleksey graduated from the Bonch-BruyevichSaint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications. Already during his studies, Aleksey started his career in Maxidom Company, after which became the Chief Engineer of a large supermarket. Holiday Inn was being built under his open-eyed control from the very first brick laid. In the same way as the second hotel of our complex - Staybridge suites.
Aleksey professionally went in for sports, likes to travel and goes in for swimming.

“A guest’s comfort totally depends on accurate work of engineering systems. And we know how to achieve this”

Некрасова Екатерина, Директор отдела продаж

Nekrasova Ekaterina, Director of the Sales Department
Ekaterina got two higher educations. The first one in the Pushkin Leningrad State University. The Department of Geography, Natural Science and Tourism. Specialization: Social and Cultural Service and Tourism. The second education Ekaterina got in the Saint Petersburg State University, where she graduated from the Economics Department majoring in “Economics and Management of the Enterprise”. Ekaterina has been working in the sphere of hospitality since 2005. She worked in such a famous hotel network as Rezidor, after which she changed it for the Petro Palace Hotel. Since October 2011, Ekaterina has headed the centralized Sales Department of the hotel complex Holiday Inn and Staybridge suites Moskovskye Vorota, Petro Palace and Petro-Sport. Speaks English and German. Ekaterina is fond of travelling, likes movies and literature. She also likes riding a bicycle.

“The transfer method is the most efficient in work for me. In this or that situation, I try to find myself in the client’s shoes”.
Семенова Вера

Semenova Vera
Vera graduated from the Baltic Academy For Tourism And Entrepreneurship with honors and gained a certificate of the guide-interpreter. She has been working in the hospitality sphere for five years. Speaks English and German.

Vera likes travelling and her work, good books and socializing with her close people.
She is fond of fitness and modern dances.

“You can always achieve more if the goal is set correctly”

Дюжева Маргарита

Dyuzheva Margarita
Margarita graduated from the Pushkin Leningrad State University, Foreign Languages Department. She started working in the hospitality sphere in 2008. Gained the working experience in such hotel networks as Rezidor Hotel Group and Kempinski Hotels AG. Margarita bas been working in the Holiday Inn hotel from the beginning of 2011. Margarita is fond of studying foreign languages, travelling and electronic music.

“The most important thing when working in the hotel business is your goal, passion and action. If you believe in your dream, everything will definitely work out”

Кондрашова Татьяна

Kondrashova Tatiana
Graduated from the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University SPBSTU specializing as the “Manager of the organization in a social sphere”.
She has been working in hospitality since 2007. Tatiana speaks English, is fond of Yoga and dances, rides a bicycle and rollers.

“The most important thing in our work is an individual approach to every partner, search of solutions for any difficult questions, and loyalty”

Бузыкина Ирина

Buzykina Irina
Irina graduated from the Baltic Academy For Tourism And Entrepreneurship. She has been working in the sphere of tourism and hospitality since 2008. Irina is fond of downhill skiing and ballroom dances. Speaks English.

“It is important to value your time and work with pleasure!”

Линская Татьяна, Менеджер отдела продаж

Linskaya Tatiana, The Sales Department Manager
Tatiana graduated from the Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”   with a specialization in “Public Relations”.

Tatiana has been working in the sphere of hospitality since 2008. Speaks English and German. Tatiana prefers an active rest outside and travelling in European countries. She is fond of snowboarding.

“In any work, it is necessary to enjoy not only its results but its process as well. Working at the hotel allows to consider the guests’ wishes and promptly respond to them. Hence, make their rest comfortable and pleasant in general”.

Кадышев Дмитрий, Менеджер отдела продаж

Kadyshev Dmitriy, The Sales Department Manager
He started working in hospitality industry in 2008 in the Park Inn Pulkovskaya hotel, where he went through a Sales Success training in Belgium. Dmitriy is fond of football, downhill skiing, bicycling.

Соков Валерий

Sokov Valeriy

Игнатьев Леонид

Ignatyev Leonid

Карпачева Юлия, Директор Ресторанной службы

Karpacheva Yulia, Director of the Restaurant Service

Новиков Денис, Главный Шеф-повар

Novikov Denis, Prime Chief Cook
Denis got a vocational secondary education trained as the Technician of food industry. Currently he is gaining a diploma of a Process engineer of food industry in the St. Petersburg State University of Refrigeration and Food Engineering. Denis has been working in the sphere of hospitality since 1998. He worked in the famous restaurant of Jewish cuisine “7-40”, Russian cuisine “Leningrad” and “Baron”. As a chief cook opened the Petro Sport hotel. Denis joined the Holiday Inn hotel at the construction stage. Denis’s team daily feeds up to six hundred guests with breakfast, up to six hundred guests with lunch, up to six hundred guests with dinner, cooks wonderful dishes of Russian and Soviet cuisine for the Avant-Garde restaurant, traditional European snacks for Chernikhov and Tatlin bars, and prepares room orders around the clock.

Denis prefers an active rest and sport. He is fond of heavy athletics.

“In contrast to Swiss cheese, when working in the kitchen, there should be no pin holes and vacuous spaces. Therefore, we provide only qualitative product”

Александр Майоров , Руководитель направления продаж на корпоративном рынке

Aleksandr Mayorov, Head of the Sales Direction at the Corporate Market

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